Ed Sheeran’s Pre Sale Panic

Today, I joined the thousands of other fans who were all desperate to secure tickets to Ed Sheeran’s, 2018 Australian concert, when the pre sale launched at 2pm.

Throughout the week I had logged back into my Ticketmaster account just to make sure that all my details were up to date, hoping to avoid any setbacks on the big day. At 12:30 pm I set my computer up at the bench opting for the most direct line to the modem, again trying to safeguard any internet drop outs. I had the pre sale code and my credit card within hands reach as I logged into my Ticketmaster account, I proceeded to find Ed’s concert details and entered my pre sale code allowing me access before the general tickets go on sale next week. The countdown had begun and the literal clock was moving closer to the big moment with each passing second.

My sister and I were intending to each take one of our daughters, for their birthdays next year and since my sister was at work today, I was given the task of securing the tickets. I had a pleasant surprise from my niece who had driven down the previous night to visit friends, but had stopped in on her way home to offer some moral support, as we anxiously anticipated what was truly going to be the luck of the click. We both knew people who had tried to get Harry Styles tickets last week and had missed out when they had sold out in 4 minutes. This information only increased the unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach, the closer that we drew to 2pm.

My insides were both full of butterflies and knots, and my heart was beating like crazy, the way that it does in the dying seconds of an Ebay bid, where you are currently the highest bidder, or like it was in Saturday’s football game where Collingwood was 3 points up with 40 seconds to go until the siren, but GWS had possession of the ball. Seriously I often wonder why I put myself in these possibly life threatening situations, for my heart literally feels like it is going to thump clean out of my chest.

All of a sudden it was 2pm and the lines were open, it was all systems go as I clicked through the prompts only to get the loading swirl, and the loading swirl, and the loading swirl …..

“Cant this thing go any faster?” “Do we refresh?” “ Nope, it says don’t refresh” “I know, but look, its not actually doing anything” “Do you think that it really is doing something”  “Its loading“ “ I can see that its loading” “ Do you think that they have already sold out?”

If you were one of the thousands of fans who tried to get tickets today, or on any other big name pre sale day , I am sure that you will understand these types of conversation that you have with yourself or any one else that’s around.

Finally we get through to the next stage where you can search for tickets, over and over, in any given combination were the words in red “there are no tickets available at this time in your search criteria, blah, blah, blah” So, you hit search again, in the hope that this time there will be, only to find that you now have to identify that you a not a robot, by selecting over and over the squares containing cars, the square containing buses, the square containing shop fronts and the square containing mountains and street signs. “Oh my goodness, I am not a robot !!!! “ Surely I had proved that the first time. But oh no, for the next forty five minutes, desperate to secure tickets, and following the advice given by Frontier Touring, to keep trying until the sold out announcement is made, we kept trying and kept having to prove that I was not a robot every two minutes.

Eventually I had to leave to get Baize from school, we still didn’t have tickets and our hopes were pretty much deflated, that we were going to get lucky by someone else’s purchase timing out. My niece needed to get moving on her 2.5 hr trek home and we were just about to call it a day, when she saw an announcement on Twitter, saying that they would be opening another presale at 3:30pm for the following night. Well this had left me out of the race, as I would be driving, but not about to give up, my niece volunteered to man the computer, and give it one last try before heading home. I thought it would also help to have all the particulars set up in my phone so that if I made it to school by 3:30pm, then I could start trying too and then Baize could continue try as I drove home.

I couldn’t believe my luck,  I was stopped at almost every set of red traffic lights from here to school and as I looked at my clock tick over to 3:30pm, my heart sank a little with disappointment as I wouldn’t make it in time to try. I pulled into the school car park at 3:35pm, just as my phone began ringing.  Answering it , I was so happy to find that It was my niece, who was elatedly telling me that in less than five minutes she had secured us four tickets. After an hour and a half of previously trying to no avail, we could finally say that the girls had gotten their birthday wish, we were going to see the incredible Ed Sheeran.

We are four happy little vegemites here tonight, but boy what a nerve racking endeavor it had been to secure them.

I am wondering if anyone else gets as anxious as I when it comes to these time limited scenarios?

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