New Normal’s

It’s the 19th of April, the date that signified that our surreal holiday experience was over and that we, in fact actually did live here in this beautiful region of Australia. And so, began our first day of school, kindergarten, and having guests over for dinner. Today was the first day of what would become our new normal’s.

Baize’s experience was well, not so normal for her. Firstly she is going to a school of over 2000 students whereas she has previously been at a school of 420, her whole schooling life. She is also still on crutches and there is a whole school assembly at a completely different campus, first up on her first day. Thankfully arrangements were made with the teaching staff, and one of them has offered to drive her back to her rightful campus;  the one person that she knows has also agreed to meet her out the front, so that she didn’t have to hobble in alone. I’m not quite sure what would have happened to her had I not called yesterday and was hen informed that the assembly was on. Praise God, I did call and we were able to make the appropriate arrangements, for I can only image her anxiety, amidst the confusion and her injury if she had just shown up normally.

Arriving at the meeting point, we both greeted her friend and I helped her out of the car, phone in hand, eager to take a first day of school photo together. However one look at the awkward horror on both their faces, as they nervously looked around to see who may be watching and I quickly put it away and got back in the car. They are both too cool for public first day of school photos, and look I get it!  I realise now that the other kids would have been looking anyway because she had crutches, then to have a Mum standing on the curb wanting to take photos when you are 15 that would be very embarrassing. Gosh, I remember at 14, making my own Mum drop me a block from school just so that the other kids wouldn’t see me get out of our old car.

Watching her bravely hobble off on her crutches, with her heart most likely thumping in anticipation, all decked out in her grand new blazer and proper college school bag, I had noticed that surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling anxious for her, and that my heart was filled with a peace that comes with knowing that she will be ok. “Well, she will be if she hurried on up, she was kind of dawdling” I had thought, as I watched her friends have to slow their pace to match hers.  I know, I know, cut her some slack, the poor kid’s on crutches! But I had a moment of anxiousness creep in as I didn’t think that her friends would want to be late on the first day.

Monty, however has driven me completely nuts this morning whilst I  have tried to prepare for my first big entertaining evening. Nuts, because it’s her first day of kindergarten and she is terribly put out that she has to start in the afternoon and couldn’t start when Baize did. The poor sausage has had her bag packed since yesterday afternoon and was determined to wear it whilst we took Baize to school , even though she didn’t start for another 4 hours.

When we were finally on our way I had said to her “Today you are going to meet your new best friend, are you excited?” She eagerly shook her head up and down like a little puppy. You bet she was excited. Inwardly I was still praying that this would be the case and that she would settle, and that it was going to be just as exciting as she was anticipating.

When we arrived we met her new teacher who took us in early and showed us around the room.  Monty had happily investigated all of the new things to play with, whilst I had spoken with her teacher. Then the doors had opened and all of the children came streaming in. The assistant had begun a music routine on the mat that all the children obviously knew and so after putting away their bags, they joined the assistant on the mat. Monty, however hung back, with her fingers in her mouth, in a typical show of nervousness.

“This isn’t looking good” I had thought with the first pangs of my own anxiousness. Then her teacher Kylie, walked up hand in hand with an adorable little doll called Sara. “Hello Monty, I’m Sara and you’re going to be my best friend.” Well Monty’s face had just lit up like a Christmas tree, with the mention of the magic word ‘best friend’. That was all it had taken for her to feel accepted and immediately the two of them sat down together and started talking.

Within 5 minutes it was time to go outside, after locating their hats Monty and Sara had ran off hand in hand. As I wandered outside with the teacher, my heart swelled, as I saw Sara pushing Monty on the swing. What an answer to prayer this precious child had been, there were no tears , no holding back, no more chewing on her fingers, just two little girls holding hands as Monty and her new best friend began to get to know each other.

It’s now 2:50 pm and time to go and get both the girls and hear all about their first days. My prayer is that they will both have been wonderful.  It’s been such a big move and there has been so much change in our lives, but God has shown me every step of the way that this is a re-positioning for His purpose. The very fact that gorgeous Sara had chosen the word ‘best friend’, and that I myself had used that same word to describe the person that she would meet after having to leave Layla, was I believe, completely of the Lord.

And so I am choosing to keep

trusting in Him and believing that they have both had fantastic days, as fantastic as what my I am declaring in faith, that my first dinner party will be tonight.


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